Takin’ Care of Business

Getting the Rose Bowl ready for January 1

Despite my lack of blog posts, I’ve had a very busy 2021, even when I was quarantining. The whole time the pandemic is going on, I try to stay home and work on inventorying my cards on the Trading Card Database. And when I do have to leave the house, I always mask up and try to minimize my exposure to the covid virus. Of course I did get vaccinated back in April.

In May my employer’s workplace opened back up for business so I had to return to work in May to prepare for the Fourth of July Fireworks show and to start gearing up for the college football season. In case you didn’t know, here’s where I work…

Here’s the night version of the above picture…

Here’s an endzone view on the night of November 13 when UCLA defeated Colorado, 44-20.

At the time I was writing this, the 2022 Rose Bowl game was still a go. Hopefully it won’t get cancelled.

At about the same time I returned to work, I also applied for and got a 2nd job at this place…

It’s a much further commute for me than going to the Rose Bowl but it’s really cool to be working at a state-of-the-art stadium. It’s also going to be cool to work Super Bowl LVI on February 13th. Here’s a picture I took of the field before the Chargers vs. Eagles game.

And here’s a picture I took before the Rams vs Jaguars game on December 5th.

Here’s hoping we get at least one Rams home playoff game in January.

So as you may have surmised by now, I really like working at sports stadiums. I was lucky that my father would take us to several Dodgers and Rams games a year when we were growing up. I always loved the atmosphere and spectacle of major sporting events, not to mention the media attention. Of course working at a major sporting event isn’t the same as buying a ticket and watching a game but it’s still pretty cool.

Speaking of cool, I received some cool cards via a very nice September TCDb trade with herkojerko (thanks John!)…

1993 Topps Gold #'s 154, 439, 441, 449, 456
1993 Topps Gold #'s 154, 439, 441, 449, 456
1993 Topps Gold # 471, 585, 773, 2020 Topps Heritage #711, 2021 Topps Heritage #s 81, 103
1993 Topps Gold # 471, 585, 773, 2020 Topps Heritage #711, 2021 Topps Heritage #s 81, 103

Along with trying to complete recent Topps flagship and Heritage sets, I’ve been making some pretty decent progress in completing the 1993 Topps Gold parallel set. I still need around 330 cards to complete this 825-card set.

I’m hoping the new year will see me post more frequently here–both hobby-related and stadium-related. Have a Happy and Safe New Year and stay tuned…

BBCARDZ License Plate


3 thoughts on “Takin’ Care of Business

  1. Happy New Year! Yeah, it does look very cool to work at sports stadiums. I know at least one or two other people who do that, one down in Texas and one in Florida.

  2. Congratulations on landing the other job, Andy! That SoFi stadium looks a little too fancy for my liking. The Rose Bowl is definitely more my speed.

  3. Happy New Year! That’s pretty cool that you work at the Rose Bowl. Do you know Pepino Man? Love that guy’s YT videos. It’s pretty cool that you’re building the 1993 Topps Gold set. I was just thinking about building the 1992 set, but don’t know if that’s a challenge I’m prepared to take on. Well… not until the day I become more active on TCDB.

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