Cardpocalypse Like Sugar

Sweet! Tim from Cardpocalypse held some weekly Cardpocalypse contests

The Tide is High(ly Subjective and Completely Arbritrary)

One part of the fantastic current wave of hobby blog giveaway…

Something (from A Cracked Bat)

Mail day from A Cracked Bat

Mail Day from A Cracked Bat Happy Valentine’s Day! Last month, hobby blogger extraordinaire Julie of A Cracked Bat posted a boatload of images of baseball cards that she was offering up free for the asking (limited to nine cards per person). So I went…

Night Owl (Cards)

Continuing the Backlog of Cards Sent to Me From Generous People series of blog posts…

Happy (“Season of Giving” – Nachos Grande)

Note from Nachos Grande

Last month I was happy to receive a package of cards in the mail from

Do You Remember (the Astrodome)

Mailday from Marc (Remember the Astrodome)

Back in December, I made a rather sizeable trade on Trading Card Database with Bru of the Marc Brubaker blog (formerly Remember the Astrodome). I sent Marc some ’90’s oddball cards (1990 Jumbo California Sunflower Seeds, 1993 Upper Deck Denny’s Holograms, 1996 Denny’s Holograms, a…