Happy (“Season of Giving” – Nachos Grande)

Note from Nachos Grande

Last month I was happy to receive a package of cards in the mail from esteemed fellow blogger Chris of Nachos Grande. Chris was kind enough to take some time to look through the few want lists I have on this blog and gifted me these great-looking cards (the 1969 Topps design is my 2nd favorite Topps design of all time):

Cards from Nachos Grande

Most of these cards are from 2018 Topps Heritage–Topps did a really great job of recreating the 1969 Topps baseball design (although it would have been even more faithful to the ’69 set if the team name of the Astros cards was actually “HOUSTON”). Chris also included an insert card from the 2018 Topps flagship set. I thought it was so cool that it was a 35th Anniversary 1983 Topps Barry Larkin, seeing that Chris has a huge Barry Larkin PC. Obviously, this was a duplicate and I’m grateful for it and all the others.

This was not the first time I received cards from Chris, as noted here in a previous Stadium Fantasium post. A big Stadium Fantasium standing ovation goes out to Chris! btw, I’m also happy that I’ve finally added my 2019 Topps Heritage trade list to the Stadium Fantasium Trading Block, so take a look. Stay tuned…

BBCARDZ License Plate


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