The Tide is High(ly Subjective and Completely Arbritrary)

Note from Highly Subjective and Completely and Complete Arbitrary

One part of the fantastic current wave of hobby blog giveaways are the great cards offered by Brian at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary (or HSACA for short). Brian did his version of Free Stuff Friday for 20 weeks(!), starting in February of this year and did his last one on June 19th. I picked up the two Topps cards pictured on the right from Brian’s Free Card Friday #1.

2017 Topps Salute #S-37
2017 Topps Salute #S-37
2019 Topps Gold #615
2019 Topps Gold #615
2018 Topps 1983 #83-18
2018 Topps 1983 #83-18

While surfing through Brians’s want lists, I saw that he had listed a few 1969 Topps baseball needs. I don’t really have much that other people need but I did happen to have a near mint duplicate of a ’69 Topps Rico Carty (Braves). You can see the card on Brian’s “Free Trade Agreements” post. I think Brian was pretty happy to get this card because he sent me four extra cards from my want list. Included were these two 2018 Topps inserts (Nolan Ryan and José Altuve).

2018 Topps Salute #TS-7
2018 Topps Salute #TS-7
2018 Topps Heritage #422 (short print)
2018 Topps Heritage #422 (short print)
2018 Topps Heritage #479 (short print)
2018 Topps Heritage #479 (short print)

Also included were these two 2018 Topps Heritage short prints. I’m happy to report that these two Heritage cards helped me complete the White Sox and Reds portions of my 2018 Heritage base set. After updating my want list, I see that I’m getting really close to completing this set–not an easy task considering that this set (including Heritage High Numbers) has 125 short print cards.

The terrific-looking cards pictured on the right were chosen from Brian’s Free Stuff Friday #15 back in the middle of May. As recently as 2018, I did not care much for parallels. I really don’t have the time to collect endless sets of parallels. (I’m only making an exception for the 1992 Topps Gold Winners and 1993 Topps Gold sets.)

Like many Topps flagship baseball card collectors, I have a number of various gold, black, emerald, cognac, and diamond parallels from past flagship sets. I never really knew what to do with these but I didn’t want to trade them either.

So now that I’m slowly getting my cards inventoried and putting them in binders, I finally figured out how to fit parallels into my collection. I’ve always organized my cards in boxes by teams–not numerical order. The cards in my binders will be organized by teams also. The thing I don’t like is that the last card of one team may end up right next to the first card of the next team. I prefer that the next team start on the next page. So I use the parallels to fill in the spaces. Thus, the Jesus Montero Emerald Foil card will go next to his regular base card.

To me, the great thing about adding various parallels to the binders is that in most cases they have the same number as the base card and add variety to a nine-pocket page. So now parallels have a purpose in my set binders and I don’t need to collect an entire parallel set. So any given binder of mine can show golds, camo, Independence Day and other parallels right next to its corresponding base card. I could even end up with a rainbow of a player in some set binders.

2012 Topps Golden Moments #GM-6, 2013 Topps Emerald Foil #459, 2019 Topps Rainbow Foil #307
2012 Topps Golden Moments #GM-6, 2013 Topps Emerald Foil #459, 2019 Topps Rainbow Foil #307

So Brian’s Free Stuff Friday #16 post appeared on May 22nd and I chose the cards pictured on the right. The cards arrived the following Thursday. The next day, Brian posted Free Stuff Friday #17 and mentioned that his local post office “is out of commission, and may or may not have had fire damage in the wake of demonstrations…”. Well that’s certainly something to be concerned about.

1982 Fleer #631
1982 Fleer #631
2015 Topps Rainbow Foil #260
2015 Topps Rainbow Foil #260

Then the next day I saw a picture on Facebook of a burned out brick building. It was Brian’s post office. The building’s signage even had the same zip code as Brian’s return address on the PWE Brian had sent. That was a bit jarring.

But that didn’t stop Brian from posting his weekly Free Stuff Friday posts. Brian kept sailing ahead and in Free Stuff Friday #20, I picked up these three cards. All three are very nice cards but the Bob Gibson card is the one that really caught my attention. That’s because a couple of months ago, I picked up 11 other assorted Mound Dominance cards along with a few hundred other cards from Mound Dominance is a 15-card insert set and I think it may now be near-complete. However, it will probably be some time before I can dig up the one I already have to know which ones I still need.

And so we honor Brian with a hearty Stadium Fantasium standing ovation for his generosity.

1996 Topps #205, 2012 Topps Mound Marvels #MD-6, 2018 Topps Salute Series 2 #S-77
1996 Topps #205, 2012 Topps Mound Marvels #MD-6, 2018 Topps Salute Series 2 #S-77

So do you aggressively pursue short printed and or parallel cards?

Stay tuned…

Something (from A Cracked Bat)

Mail day from A Cracked Bat
Mail Day from A Cracked Bat
Mail Day from A Cracked Bat

Happy Valentine’s Day! Last month, hobby blogger extraordinaire Julie of A Cracked Bat posted a boatload of images of baseball cards that she was offering up free for the asking (limited to nine cards per person). So I went ahead and took her up on her offer. Julie also surprised me with a couple of cards from my 2018 Topps Heritage want list.

2019 Topps Rainbow Foil #15 and #614, 2019 Topps Heritage Now And Then NT-6 (Trevor Bauer)
2019 Topps Rainbow Foil #15 and #614, 2019 Topps Heritage Now And Then NT-6 (Trevor Bauer)
2017 Topps Update Untouchables #U-11, 2003 Topps Own the Game #JOG-3 and 2018 Topps Archives #268
2017 Topps Update Untouchables #U-11, 2003 Topps Own the Game #JOG-3 and 2018 Topps Archives #268
2000 Topps Hank Aaron Reprints #1 and 1997 Topps Willie Mays Reprints #13
2000 Topps Hank Aaron Reprints #1 and 1997 Topps Willie Mays Reprints #13

I love collecting the Hank Aaron and Willie Mays reprint cards. I think I have about half of each set. I really need to inventory them and put them in binders along with the main 1997 and 2000 Topps sets.

2018 Topps Heritage #427 & #488 & NAP-1
2018 Topps Heritage #427 & #488 & NAP-1

The two left-most 2018 Topps Heritage cards above (V-Mart and Jake Marisnick) were the two want list cards that Julie sent—so thoughtful! Those two cards are short prints and I now need less than 50 short prints to complete that portion of the set.

That reminds me, I still need to get together a trade list and want list for my 2018 Topps High Number cards. And then I gotta make room for 2020 Topps Heritage while still working on completing 2019 Topps Heritage. It’s always something

Happy (“Season of Giving” – Nachos Grande)

Note from Nachos Grande

Last month I was happy to receive a package of cards in the mail from esteemed fellow blogger Chris of Nachos Grande. Chris was kind enough to take some time to look through the few want lists I have on this blog and gifted me these great-looking cards (the 1969 Topps design is my 2nd favorite Topps design of all time):

Cards from Nachos Grande

Most of these cards are from 2018 Topps Heritage–Topps did a really great job of recreating the 1969 Topps baseball design (although it would have been even more faithful to the ’69 set if the team name of the Astros cards was actually “HOUSTON”). Chris also included an insert card from the 2018 Topps flagship set. I thought it was so cool that it was a 35th Anniversary 1983 Topps Barry Larkin, seeing that Chris has a huge Barry Larkin PC. Obviously, this was a duplicate and I’m grateful for it and all the others.

This was not the first time I received cards from Chris, as noted here in a previous Stadium Fantasium post. A big Stadium Fantasium standing ovation goes out to Chris! btw, I’m also happy that I’ve finally added my 2019 Topps Heritage trade list to the Stadium Fantasium Trading Block, so take a look. Stay tuned…

Padrographs and Memories

Padrographs and Memories

Whew! My work schedule finally slowed down enough to let me get back to posting here again–thank goodness! I’m so behind on posting a ton of cards I’ve received in the last few months and expressing my gratitude. Now it’s time to begin catching up…

Back in late May, Rod of the great Padrographs blog offered up large stacks of cards sorted by team. Since the Dodgers cards were already spoken for, I requested Angels cards (my 2nd favorite team since they’re also in SoCal). Not only that, Rod also ran a contest with multiple winners and I won a prize. First, a rather large sampling of the 78 Angels cards that Rod sent…

2019 cards
Some 2019 Topps Series 1, Heritage, Opening Day and Donruss
Some 2019 Angels cards
More 2019 cards (Gypsy Queen, Big League, Total and Bowman)
2018 Angels cards from Topps flagship, Heritage and Big League
More 2018 Angels cards (Topps Archives, Gypsy Queen, Bowman Chrome and Topps Gallery)
Other assorted Angels cards from 2017 Topps Series 1, 2007 UD Future Stars, 2009 UD Series 1, 1993 Bowman, 1992 Topps and 1990 Topps

Rod was also kind enough to include a 2018 Topps Archives insert card of former Dodgers catcher Mike Piazza. And the 2009 Upper Deck Game Jersey card of Alex Gordon was my prize from the aforementioned Padrographs contest.

2018 Topps Archives Rookie History 24T
2018 Topps Archives Rookie History 24T
2009 Upper Deck -Game Jersey GJ-GO
2009 Upper Deck -Game Jersey GJ-GO

And with that, we give a hearty Stadium Fantasium standing ovation to Padrograph’s Rod. Thank you Rod!

And speaking of contests, look for Stadium Fantasium’s 2nd Annual Rose Bowl Contest coming soon. Stay tuned…

(The Collective) Mind Games

Stadium Fantasium Assimilates Cards From The Collective Mind

Last month, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a bubble mailer of cards out of the blue from Greg, creative genius of the great hobby blog, The Collective Mind. Most of these cards had previously been featured in Greg’s blog back in January and February. Back then I expressed an interest in some of the 1971 Topps football cards but unfortunately I had very little from his wantlists to trade.

Although Stadium Fantasium is baseball-centric, I still have some non-baseball sets I still need to complete. One of those sets is the 1971 Topps football set. Being the great guy that he is, Greg was kind enough to send along some needs from this set along with a 1973 Topps baseball card (#344 Jim “Catfish” Hunter, Boyhood Photos) and a 2018 Topps Heritage short-print card (#499 Luis Perdomo). My 1971 Topps Football set is now less than 40 cards away from completion. I expect to be posting up a wantlist for this set soon, along with a list of my duplicates for trade from this set..

Note from The Collective Mind
1971 Topps football cards #'s 41,52, 53, 80, 134, 168
1971 Topps football cards #'s 41,52, 53, 80, 134, 168
1971 Topps football cardbacks
1971 Topps football cardbacks
1971 Topps football cards #'s 170, 195, 208, 1973 Topps baseball #344, 2018 Topps Heritage SP #499
1971 Topps football cards #'s 170, 195, 208, 1973 Topps baseball #344, 2018 Topps Heritage SP #499
Topps cardbacks
Topps cardbacks

Tag! I’m it!

A huge “Thank You” and rousing Stadium Fantasium standing ovation go out to Greg for this wonderful surprise. I’ll be tagging Greg back soon with some goodies that I think he’ll really appreciate. Until then, stay tuned…

My Favorite Mistake (of 2018)

Hobby-wise I was really looking forward to 2018. This would be the first year in ages that I would attempt to build a Topps baseball set that wasn’t flagship. And so when 2018 Topps Heritage was released, I bought two hobby boxes and I’m very happy with my purchase.

You see, the 1969 cards were the first I ever collected and have always been near and dear to my heart (I’m still only five cards away from completing the set along with some of the white letter variations). The 2018 Heritage base cards and deckle edge inserts did a nice job of recreating the look of the original 1969 cards. Sure there were some differences, such as the teams, parallels, relics, autos and insert sets that didn’t exist in 1969. And I was a bit disappointed that the 2018 deckle edge cards weren’t the same size as the 1969 version.

However, I thought it was rather clever that Topps sort of recreated some of the printing imperfections of the 1969 cards. And that brings us to my favorite card of 2018 (drumroll please…)

Ta dah! 2018 Topps Heritage #174

You might have thought that I would have chosen a Dodgers card, but this particular card really hit the nostalgia button for me. Besides some of the colors being out of register (misaligned, as on many of the original ’69 cards), this card also brought to mind an original 1969 card of a White Sox catcher.

Ta dah! 2018 Topps Heritage #174
1969 Topps #222
1969 Topps #222

Thanks to P-town Tom (Waiting ’til Next Year…) for putting on the Favorite Card of 2018 contest.

Here Comes (Secret) Santa Claus

Before we begin, we’re giving a Stadium Fantasium standing ovation to Jon at A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts for heading up this year’s Secret Santa gift exchange with 30 participants! Well done, Jon!

My Secret Santa was none other than Jim (gcrl) at cards as i see them. Jim also gets a Stadium Fantasium standing ovation for sending these much appreciated 2018 Topps cards and a nice handwritten note…

2018 Topps Heritage Then & Now insert cards
2018 Topps Heritage Then & Now insert cards TN-5, TN-7, TN12, TN-13, TN-15
2018 Topps 1983 insert cards 83-38, 83-46, 83-74, 83-77 and 2018 Topps Archives 214
2018 Topps 1983 insert cards 83-38, 83-46, 83-74, 83-77 and 2018 Topps Archives 214

These cards will put a nice dent in my wantlist. I love the extra touch that Jim (a fellow Dodgers fan) did by adding a terrific Dodgers card of Kenley Jansen from 2018 Topps Archives. Thanks Jim!

Mailday: Yet Another Transaction at Trading Cards DB

Thanks to a Twitter account that I created to promote Stadium Fantasium (@bbcardz–follow me!), I got in touch with a fellow member of Trading Cards Database and made a deal to acquire a nice lot of 2018 Topps Heritage base short prints. As it turns out, this fellow TCDB member is also a fellow hobby blogger. He is J. Meeks of My Cardboard Habit and here are the cards he sent:

Some 2018 Topps Heritage Base Short Print Cards

The 14 short print cards pictured above are cards I need to help complete the set. However, five other short prints were included in the deal that are duplicates. They are:

  • 415 Matt Wieters (Washington Nationals)
  • 423 Kyle Hendricks (Chicago Cubs)
  • 429 Mike Leake (Seattle Mariners)
  • 442 Josh Reddick (Houston Astros)
  • 497 David Freese (Pittsburgh Pirates)

These five duplicate cards are now listed in the 2018 Topps Heritage section of the Stadium Fantasium Trading Block (along with other available 2018 Heritage duplicates). Gotta give a huge thanks to J. Meeks (Twitter handle @cardboardhabit) for these great cards. Of the Heritage base short print cards, I now need only 60 along with 17 regular base cards. If things go right this year, I hope to complete this set by year-end or at least before 2019 Topps Heritage is released. Stay tuned…

Blog Bat Around: What I Collect

Inspired by “Blog Bat Around” blog posts by the brilliant minds at Night Owl Cards, The Collective Mind, The Shlabotnik Report, Cardboard History, $30 a Week Habit, Not Another Baseball Card Blog and others.


Being a low-budget set collector, I try to keep my collecting wants pretty simple but like most card collectors, the collection can still get pretty huge. Most of my sets are incomplete but I’m pretty sure most of them are at least 80% complete. As I slowly inventory these cards and others, I’ll post wantlists and trade lists on the “Wantlists” and “Trading Block” portion of the blog. Eventually, all of these cards will make it out of their 800-count boxes and into binders. The cards/items featured below are from my collection. Although most of the card images I use feature the Los Angeles Dodgers, I am not a team collector nor a player collector (ain’t got time for that, unfortunately).



Topps Baseball

Various Topps Dodgers Cards

If I had to guess, Topps flagship baseball comprises maybe about 60% of my total collection. I have incomplete Topps flagship baseball sets from 1969 through the present (except for 1971 of which I have none). Besides flagship, the only other Topps baseball cards I have are some 2002 Topps Total (very low priority) and 2018 Topps Heritage (82% complete–very high priority).


Along with the usual base cards, I like to collect the error/variation cards, inserts, parallels, autos, relic, pre-production cards and even wrappers (which will also go into binders). I don’t really expect to obtain every single parallel/insert/relic/auto set (unless I get a huge raise in pay) but it would be cool if I could complete a few and maybe even complete a master set. There is one recent trend in insert cards that I am not excited about and that is buyback cards. I have a handful of them and those will go on on the Stadium Fantasium Trading Block in the near future.



1981 introduced new baseball cards by companies other than Topps. I was curious about this fresh new product and bought plenty of Fleer and Donruss baseball cards along with Topps. I have incomplete Fleer (or Fleer Tradition) sets from 1981 through 2006 (except 1994). As for Donruss, I still need to finish the 1981 through 1993 sets and the 2004 set. Score did not have as long a run as Fleer or Donruss but I did manage to collect near-complete Score sets from 1988 to 1993, 1995, 1997 and 1998. The only Pacific product I’ve ever collected was the 1980-83 Cramer Legends and Pacific Legends in 1988 and 1989. I even have some 2000 Skybox Dominion baseball cards (a 300-card set released by Fleer that I may yet complete).

As with Topps, I like to collect error/variation cards, inserts, parallels, autos, relic cards and wrappers from Fleer, Donruss, Score and Cramer/Pacific Legends. I also like the stickers and puzzle pieces included in the packs of these cards.


Food Issues and Oddball Sets

I’ve always been attracted to the not-so-easy-to-collect cards from cereal boxes, packages of cookies, other foods and even nearby restaurants. These “food issue” oddball sets were plentiful late last century but are almost nonexistent now. I suspect that for most companies it’s just not economically desirable to include baseball cards with their product. Still whenever I walk into a market, I make it a point to visit the cereal aisle to see if I’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a cereal product with a free baseball card packed inside. Generally I try to avoid the factory sets and store sets such as the ones from KMart, Toys ‘R Us and Kaybee. So here are the food issues and a couple of other oddball sets I’d like to complete some day (listed chronologically):

  1. 1970-82 Kellogg’s
  2. 1983 Donruss Action All Stars
  3. 1987 Ralston Purina
  4. 1987 Topps Nestlé Dream Team
  5. 1988 Nestlé
  6. 1989 Topps Cap’n Crunch
  7. 1990-92 Jumbo Sunflower Seeds
  8. 1990-92 Post
  9. 1991-97 Denny’s Holograms/Grand Slam
  10. 1991-93 Jimmy Dean
  11. 1992 Score Proctor & Gamble (I have several original cello-wrapped packs of this 18-card set)
  12. 1993 Hostess
  13. “National Trading Card Day” cards from various years


Topps and Other Football Sets

My football collection consists mainly of 1969-74 and 1976-79 Topps (all near-complete, I think). I also have a complete set of 1970 Kellogg’s football (purchased via mail-in offer in 1970) and a few 1971 Kellogg’s also. Rounding out the football card collection is 1989 and 1990 Pro Set. As I get around to inventorying my football sets, I’ll be putting the dupes in their own football section of the Stadium Fantasium Trading Block, along with a few other random football cards from other sets obtained from NPN (No Purchase Necessary) offers or from other collectors over the years.



The only two non-sport card sets I think I’d like to complete are the 1992 Lime Rock MAD Magazine (Series 1 & 2) and 1992 Pro Set Dinosaurs. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that MAD Magazine and the 1991-94 ABC-TV show Dinosaurs are two guilty pleasures of mine–gotta love them! Most of us enjoy MAD Magazine for its iconic satire of pop culture. Conceived by the late Jim Henson of Muppet’s fame, Dinosaurs was a rather under-rated sitcom/satire featuring the voice talent of Stuart Pankin (from HBO’s classic “Not Necessarily the News”), Jessica Walter, Sally Struthers, and Kevin Clash (Sesame Street’s Elmo). Other periodic Dinosaurs characters were voiced by Sherman Hemsley, Michael McKean, Christopher Meloni (from “Law and Order SVU), Tim Curry, Michael Dorn, Robert Picardo, Dan Castallaneta (aka the voice of Homer Simpson), Jason Alexander, Julie Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Buddy Hackett, Jeffrey Tambor and Tony Shalhoub. Good times!


So there you have it. The scope of my collection may be rather limited compared to other collectors but it’s more than enough for me. This is why I’m proud to say that I’m never bored. Along with following the Dodgers, managing my fantasy baseball teams and writing this blog (oh, and maintaining a relationship with the fiancée), I always have something to occupy my non-working quiet time. Will there ever be a light at the end of the tunnel? Stay tuned…

Mailday: More Goodness from Nachos Grande

A few days after fellow blogger Nachos Grande hosted a 2018 Topps Heritage three-box break, I checked out the wantlist on his blog and saw that he needed some 2018 Topps Series 1 base cards. I was able to come up with nine cards and we worked out a trade. He sent me some needed 2018 Topps Series 1 inserts and a 2018 Topps Heritage base card.

Huge thanks to Chris of Nachos Grande for a much appreciated trade and for an awesome Nachos Grande blog post about our trade! I’m so looking forward to more terrific future trades with Nachos Grande! Stay tuned…

Case Break Loot: 2018 Topps Heritage from Crackin’ Wax

Gotta give major props to major case breaker Crackin’ Wax (Home of the Charity Case Break) for recently hosting a case break of 2018 Topps Heritage baseball. This particular group break raised money for the Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation, Inc. and the YouTube video can be seen on the Crackin Wax YouTube Channel. I wasn’t one of the lucky first ones to choose the Dodgers spot in this break so I went ahead and got the Cubs spot. As it turns out, I didn’t get a relic or autograph card but I’m more than happy with the cards I did get. Here are the highlights:

Many Duplicate Cubs Base Cards for Trade

Overall I have at least five duplicates of every regular Cubs base card available. Email me at bbcardz(at)stadiumfantasium(dot)com.


Short Prints and an Action Variation!


Heritage Inserts


Two Chrome, a Chrome Refractor and Three Purple (Hot Box) Refractors


1969 Topps Bazooka Ad Panel Box Topper

Although I’ve had spots in previous Crackin’ Wax group case breaks of Topps flagship baseball, this case break was the first that I got to see live on YouTube. I love that some of the proceeds go to charity. The case break hosts, Topher and his wife (LQ), are very entertaining and keep us viewers amused during these breaks. They are my go-to case breakers. Be sure to check out the Crackin’ Wax website and Crackin Wax YouTube channel. Stay tuned…

Case Break Loot: 2018 Topps Heritage from Nachos Grande

Gotta give a big Stadium Fantasium shoutout to blogger extraordinaire Nachos Grande for hosting a nice three-box group break of 2018 Topps Heritage, which can be seen here on Nachos Grande’s fanofreds YouTube channel. Chris also busted and distributed a few bonus older packs of Topps, Donruss, Fleer Ultra and Upper Deck baseball cards. For this group break, one spot got you a team of your choice plus a random team. I bought two spots and chose the Cubs and Mets (even though I chose 3rd, the Dodgers and Angels spots had already been snapped up–doh!). The random teams I got was the Rangers and Blue Jays. Here are the highlights of what I got:

Regular Heritage Base Cards I Needed

Short Print Base Cards I Needed

Insert Cards

Heritage Action Variation!


According to the odds printed on the back of Topps Heritage packs, these Action Variation cards are about 10 times tougher to pull than the short prints.

A Sampling of Bonus Extra Cards

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my share of Nacho Grande‘s group break. These cards get me considerably closer to completing the Heritage set. Even the bonus cards may help me complete some of my sets (whenever I get around to inventorying those sets). If you haven’t already, check out the Nachos Grande blog and YouTube channel. Thanks Chris!

Box Break: 2018 Topps Heritage, Hobby Box 2 of 2

Two Hobby Boxes of2018 Topps Heritage Baseball

So I busted the second box of 2018 Topps Heritage and it was also quite a decent box but nothing earth-shattering. The main thing for me is that I hope it will get me within 75% of completing the first 400 cards of the set. Here we go with the box highlights:

Some Base Cards


Short Prints




Rookie Variation, Black Border Variation and Chrome Refractor Parallel (#’d to 569)


The Hit

I would have been a wee bit happier getting a Dodgers game-used card rather than one of the Astros but I recognize that an Altuve GU is still a big hit. After all Altuve is the 2017 AL MVP, a three-time batting champion and five-time All-Star. At this point, none of these are for trade unless there are duplicates (which can be found in the Stadium Trading Block). Oh there’s something I forgot to mention in these Heritage box breaks…

The Box Toppers

As of this post, I still have not opened these two toppers (or is it box loaders?). If I can find some suitable binder pages for the ad panel cards, then I will attempt to collect the 15-panel set. I would much prefer to store the ad panels in a binder page along with the rest of the Heritage set. As for the “original” 1969 card, I will probably trade it away unopened. It turns out that Topps did indeed insert original 1969 cards but then foil-stamped them with a 50th anniversary logo. This effectively alters the card and diminishes the collectibility/desirability of the card in my opinion. As a set collector, I don’t see a foil-stamped 1969 card belonging to any real set. Besides, I’m 99% of the way to actually completing the ’69 set and I’m extremely sure none of the box loader ’69s will be a card I need to complete my set (the cards I need are high $ cards).

So how far will I get in collecting the first 400 cards of the set? Stay tuned…

Box Break: 2018 Topps Heritage, Hobby Box 1 of 2

Two Hobby Boxes of2018 Topps Heritage Baseball

I took the plunge. Yes, for the first time since sometime last century, I made a major purchase of a Topps product that was not flagship baseball. Being a low-budget set collector, I’d always ignored all other Topps products. But 1969 is the first year I collected Topps baseball cards and I just could not resist the idea of making a run at collecting at least the first 400 cards of 2018 Topps Heritage, which features today’s players in the 1969 Topps baseball card design. The last few years I’ve made a lot of progress towards completing the ’69 set and my appreciation for the design has only increased. Now I’m only  5 cards away from completing the set. I’m also about halfway to collecting all of the white letter variations and other variations. My ’69 wantlist can be found in the Stadium Trading Block.

So I bought two hobby boxes of Heritage at my local card shop (Hall of Fame Baseball Cards). The plan here is to share each Heritage box in separate posts and then post a separate review afterwards.

Some Base Cards

A sample of some 2018 Topps Heritage baseball cards

A sampling of 2018 Topps Heritage base cards


Short Prints (Base Cards #’d 401-500)

2018 Topps Heritage inserts from box 1



2018 Topps inserts from box 1


Base Variation and Chrome Parallels

2018 Topps Heritage Base Variation and Chrome Parallels


The Hit

2018 Topps Heritage Relic Card from Box 1


Box 1 of this product was a pretty decent box. The Trout variation and Polanco jersey card are especially nice cards. There’s more to follow so stay tuned…