Padrographs and Memories

Padrographs and Memories

Whew! My work schedule finally slowed down enough to let me get back to posting here again–thank goodness! I’m so behind on posting a ton of cards I’ve received in the last few months and expressing my gratitude. Now it’s time to begin catching up…

Back in late May, Rod of the great Padrographs blog offered up large stacks of cards sorted by team. Since the Dodgers cards were already spoken for, I requested Angels cards (my 2nd favorite team since they’re also in SoCal). Not only that, Rod also ran a contest with multiple winners and I won a prize. First, a rather large sampling of the 78 Angels cards that Rod sent…

2019 cards
Some 2019 Topps Series 1, Heritage, Opening Day and Donruss
Some 2019 Angels cards
More 2019 cards (Gypsy Queen, Big League, Total and Bowman)
2018 Angels cards from Topps flagship, Heritage and Big League
More 2018 Angels cards (Topps Archives, Gypsy Queen, Bowman Chrome and Topps Gallery)
Other assorted Angels cards from 2017 Topps Series 1, 2007 UD Future Stars, 2009 UD Series 1, 1993 Bowman, 1992 Topps and 1990 Topps

Rod was also kind enough to include a 2018 Topps Archives insert card of former Dodgers catcher Mike Piazza. And the 2009 Upper Deck Game Jersey card of Alex Gordon was my prize from the aforementioned Padrographs contest.

2018 Topps Archives Rookie History 24T
2018 Topps Archives Rookie History 24T
2009 Upper Deck -Game Jersey GJ-GO
2009 Upper Deck -Game Jersey GJ-GO

And with that, we give a hearty Stadium Fantasium standing ovation to Padrograph’s Rod. Thank you Rod!

And speaking of contests, look for Stadium Fantasium’s 2nd Annual Rose Bowl Contest coming soon. Stay tuned…

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    1. Thanks Jon! Wintertime always gives me a chance to catch my breath and relax with the hobby a bit more. That includes sorting cards, completing sets, checking out #hobby Twitter, commenting on other blogs and posting more on Stadium Fantasium.

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