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Stadium Fantasium Assimilates Cards From The Collective Mind

Last month, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a bubble mailer of cards out of the blue from Greg, creative genius of the great hobby blog, The Collective Mind. Most of these cards had previously been featured in Greg’s blog back in January and February. Back then I expressed an interest in some of the 1971 Topps football cards but unfortunately I had very little from his wantlists to trade.

Although Stadium Fantasium is baseball-centric, I still have some non-baseball sets I still need to complete. One of those sets is the 1971 Topps football set. Being the great guy that he is, Greg was kind enough to send along some needs from this set along with a 1973 Topps baseball card (#344 Jim “Catfish” Hunter, Boyhood Photos) and a 2018 Topps Heritage short-print card (#499 Luis Perdomo). My 1971 Topps Football set is now less than 40 cards away from completion. I expect to be posting up a wantlist for this set soon, along with a list of my duplicates for trade from this set..

Note from The Collective Mind
1971 Topps football cards #'s 41,52, 53, 80, 134, 168
1971 Topps football cards #'s 41,52, 53, 80, 134, 168
1971 Topps football cardbacks
1971 Topps football cardbacks
1971 Topps football cards #'s 170, 195, 208, 1973 Topps baseball #344, 2018 Topps Heritage SP #499
1971 Topps football cards #'s 170, 195, 208, 1973 Topps baseball #344, 2018 Topps Heritage SP #499
Topps cardbacks
Topps cardbacks

Tag! I’m it!

A huge “Thank You” and rousing Stadium Fantasium standing ovation go out to Greg for this wonderful surprise. I’ll be tagging Greg back soon with some goodies that I think he’ll really appreciate. Until then, stay tuned…

Here Comes (Secret) Santa Claus

Before we begin, we’re giving a Stadium Fantasium standing ovation to Jon at A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts for heading up this year’s Secret Santa gift exchange with 30 participants! Well done, Jon!

My Secret Santa was none other than Jim (gcrl) at cards as i see them. Jim also gets a Stadium Fantasium standing ovation for sending these much appreciated 2018 Topps cards and a nice handwritten note…

2018 Topps Heritage Then & Now insert cards
2018 Topps Heritage Then & Now insert cards TN-5, TN-7, TN12, TN-13, TN-15
2018 Topps 1983 insert cards 83-38, 83-46, 83-74, 83-77 and 2018 Topps Archives 214
2018 Topps 1983 insert cards 83-38, 83-46, 83-74, 83-77 and 2018 Topps Archives 214

These cards will put a nice dent in my wantlist. I love the extra touch that Jim (a fellow Dodgers fan) did by adding a terrific Dodgers card of Kenley Jansen from 2018 Topps Archives. Thanks Jim!

Back In the Saddle

Yay! My work schedule finally eased up and now I have an opportunity (for the foreseeable future at least) to bring the blog up to date. With the extra time, I also hope to list more cards on the Trading Block and my Wantlist.

Back in late May, out of the goodness of his heart, P-town Tom of Waiting ’til Next Year… gave away a ton of cards (sorted by teams) to anyone who wanted them. I went ahead and took him up on his generous offer. Of course, I requested Dodger cards and P-town Tom came up big, sending over 400 assorted Dodgers cards! Thanks P-town Tom! I’ll be on the lookout for cards from your player/set wantlists. My apologies for expressing my gratitude to you here so late. You rock!

Oh and before I forget, generous P-town Tom is running a “Favorite Card of 2018” contest (deadline is January 7, 2009 to post a blog article featuring your favorite card of 2018) The prize is exactly the kind of hobby product I live for, so I expect to enter that contest soon.

So here is a somewhat chronological smattering of the cards that P-town Tom was kind enough to send my way (personally, I’m fascinated to see some former Dodgers who are normally associated with other teams):

A few assorted horizontal cards ranging from 1979 to 2001
A few assorted horizontal cards ranging from 1979 to 2001
Assorted 1982-1993 Topps cards
Assorted 1982-1993 Topps cards
Assorted 1998-2011 Topps cards
Assorted 1998-2011 Topps cards
Some 1988-92 Donruss and 1988-91 Score cards
Some 1988-92 Donruss and 1988-91 Score cards
Assorted Score, Fleer, Topps cards
Assorted Score, Fleer, Topps cards
Assorted Upper Deck, Bowman, Leaf and Studio cards
Assorted Upper Deck, Bowman, Leaf and Studio cards
Assorted Fleer Ultra, Pinnacle, Studio, Stadium Club and Metal Universe cards
Assorted Fleer Ultra, Pinnacle, Studio, Stadium Club and Metal Universe cards

A hearty Stadium Fantasium tip o’ the cap to P-town Tom for these cards and more (much appreciated)! Some of these cards may end being duplicates of cards I already have. Some also don’t really fit my collection as they are from sets I don’t collect. Those will eventually be listed on the Stadium Fantasium Trading Block.

On another note, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve added a Twitter widget on the right side of the blog. I created a Twitter account (@bbcardz) at the same time I created this blog mainly to promote the blog. My Twitter timeline is about 95% hobby-related. It’s nice to see that some fellow bloggers also are on Twitter. I don’t really tweet or even retweet a ton but I do “like” a bunch of people’s tweets and, surprisingly, I’m up to 144 followers at the time of this post. Hopefully the Twitter widget will be useful in alerting you to some Twitter giveaways, contests and other hobby happenings.

In the meantime, stay tuned…

Mailday: Yet Another Transaction at Trading Cards DB

Thanks to a Twitter account that I created to promote Stadium Fantasium (@bbcardz–follow me!), I got in touch with a fellow member of Trading Cards Database and made a deal to acquire a nice lot of 2018 Topps Heritage base short prints. As it turns out, this fellow TCDB member is also a fellow hobby blogger. He is J. Meeks of My Cardboard Habit and here are the cards he sent:

Some 2018 Topps Heritage Base Short Print Cards

The 14 short print cards pictured above are cards I need to help complete the set. However, five other short prints were included in the deal that are duplicates. They are:

  • 415 Matt Wieters (Washington Nationals)
  • 423 Kyle Hendricks (Chicago Cubs)
  • 429 Mike Leake (Seattle Mariners)
  • 442 Josh Reddick (Houston Astros)
  • 497 David Freese (Pittsburgh Pirates)

These five duplicate cards are now listed in the 2018 Topps Heritage section of the Stadium Fantasium Trading Block (along with other available 2018 Heritage duplicates). Gotta give a huge thanks to J. Meeks (Twitter handle @cardboardhabit) for these great cards. Of the Heritage base short print cards, I now need only 60 along with 17 regular base cards. If things go right this year, I hope to complete this set by year-end or at least before 2019 Topps Heritage is released. Stay tuned…

Mailday: Unexpected Goodness from Crackin’ Wax

There are quite a few good people on the Internet who host case breaks but the one who really takes it to the next level is Christopher (and his lovely wife LQ) at Crackin’ Wax. What sets these great case breakers apart is that some of the case break proceeds go to charity (over $11,000 to date) and they also manage to host free box breaks for those who have bought spots in the previous month’s case breaks (see how it works).

So after buying spots in CW’s 2018 Topps Series 1 case break and in the 2018 Topps Heritage case break (my blog post here), I had two entries in CW’s March Free Box Break. Six winning entries would be randomly awarded a divisional spot. Winners and the product would be revealed the day of the box break on YouTube. As luck would have it, one of my entries was chosen and I was assigned the American League Central Division. And the product was a box on 2017 Topps High Tek Baseball. Each box contains 40 cards and includes two on-card autographs in addition to variations and parallels. Here are the cards I was lucky enough to receive:


Being a low-budget set collector, I had not paid any attention to this high-end product. Now that I have these in hand, I can see that they are not your traditional baseball cards. Featuring current and retired stars, these cards are actually see-through plastic (acetate) and are much more attractive than the scans indicate. I was also lucky enough to get one of the two on-card autos in the box–woohoo! And in case you hadn’t noticed, one of the cards shown above is former Angels outfielder Jim Edmonds. It looks like I was sent this card by mistake since the Angels don’t play in the Central division of the American League. I’ll be getting in touch with Christopher to see what to do about that.

In any case, I gotta give a big thanks and a tip of the Stadium Fantasium cap to Crackin’ Wax for these unexpected goodies. If you haven’t already, head over to Crackin’ Wax and take part in one of his case breaks. You’ll be helping out a charity organization and acquire cards for your collection at the same time. You could also get free bonus cards via a free box break.

To my genuine surprise, there always seems to be a pretty good abundance of good things happening here at Stadium Fantasium. Stay tuned…

Mailday: Another Trade on Trading Card DB

Thanks to the awesome trading features on the Trading Card Database, another great TCDB member reached out to me to propose a very nice trade. dsorek offered nine of the cards I needed to complete the Topps Series 1 base set. In return I sent a couple of Cubs 1983 inserts also from Series 1. I’ve only been a TCDB member less than a month and I just realized that after both parties deem the transaction as “Completed”, the site added the cards I got to “My Collection”–how cool is that? Thanks dsorek and Trading Card Database for making this happen!

Nine cards from 2018 Topps Series 1

With these nine cards, I am only two cards away from completing the Series 1 base set (not including short prints). As of this post, I now only need #275 George Springer and #347 Kolten Wong, at least until Series 2 arrives. Until then, stay tuned…

Mailday: More Goodness from Nachos Grande

A few days after fellow blogger Nachos Grande hosted a 2018 Topps Heritage three-box break, I checked out the wantlist on his blog and saw that he needed some 2018 Topps Series 1 base cards. I was able to come up with nine cards and we worked out a trade. He sent me some needed 2018 Topps Series 1 inserts and a 2018 Topps Heritage base card.

Huge thanks to Chris of Nachos Grande for a much appreciated trade and for an awesome Nachos Grande blog post about our trade! I’m so looking forward to more terrific future trades with Nachos Grande! Stay tuned…

Mailday: First Trade on Trading Cards DB and Vintage Goodness

Trading Card Database Trade

The Trading Card Database (aka TCDB) has been one of my go-to resources for helping me properly identify various cards in my collection. I’ve been using that wonderful site for years and have been so impressed with its growth and usability. So I recently decided to register as a TCDB member and contribute some card images of my cards that weren’t already on the site. I also input my 2018 Topps cards onto their “Collection” feature and created a trade list and wantlist of 2018 Topps cards. In case you didn’t know, what’s also cool about TCDB is that reports are generated of member trade lists and wantlists so that other members can initiate trades. This resulted in a very nice TCDB member named SteelPerogie offering to make a small trade with me. He asked for a couple of ’83 inserts of the Cubs and offered a couple of ’83 inserts that I needed (pictured above). SteelPerogie even included a couple of Topps coupons, which I immediately used to buy more 2018 Topps Heritage cards. Of course I’m especially happy to get the Bellinger card. Now I’m only 77 cards away from completing the 2018 Series 1 (100 cards) portion of the 1983 insert set. I’m not in an urgent rush so I’ll be pretty happy if I can just get to 50% of this insert set before the end of the year. Thanks Steelperogie!

Vintage Goodness

The day I received the ’83 Topps inserts, I also received a 1969 Topps card that I purchased from an eBay seller. The acquisition of this near-mint #375 card of HOFer Harmon Killebrew means I only need five more cards to complete the set, not including the variations and deckle edge inserts. I know NM condition cards of the elusive five will cost an extremely pretty penny but I’m in it for the long haul. The 1969 cards are the first I ever bought as a youngster, so these are pretty special to me. I also input my 1969 Topps cards and deckle edge cards into the Trading Card Database. Perhaps TCDB will also have a hand in helping me complete the ’69s.

Stay tuned…

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