My Favorite Mistake (of 2018)

Hobby-wise I was really looking forward to 2018. This would be the first year in ages that I would attempt to build a Topps baseball set that wasn’t flagship. And so when 2018 Topps Heritage was released, I bought two hobby boxes and I’m very happy with my purchase.

You see, the 1969 cards were the first I ever collected and have always been near and dear to my heart (I’m still only five cards away from completing the set along with some of the white letter variations). The 2018 Heritage base cards and deckle edge inserts did a nice job of recreating the look of the original 1969 cards. Sure there were some differences, such as the teams, parallels, relics, autos and insert sets that didn’t exist in 1969. And I was a bit disappointed that the 2018 deckle edge cards weren’t the same size as the 1969 version.

However, I thought it was rather clever that Topps sort of recreated some of the printing imperfections of the 1969 cards. And that brings us to my favorite card of 2018 (drumroll please…)

Ta dah! 2018 Topps Heritage #174

You might have thought that I would have chosen a Dodgers card, but this particular card really hit the nostalgia button for me. Besides some of the colors being out of register (misaligned, as on many of the original ’69 cards), this card also brought to mind an original 1969 card of a White Sox catcher.

Ta dah! 2018 Topps Heritage #174
1969 Topps #222
1969 Topps #222

Thanks to P-town Tom (Waiting ’til Next Year…) for putting on the Favorite Card of 2018 contest.

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Mistake (of 2018)

  1. I really like the Welly card next to the original 1969 Topps card. Pretty cool. Thanks for participating!

    1. Agree with Tom. The Welington by itself is an ordinary card… but next to Josephson… it’s fantastic. Great pick!

  2. I had no idea that Topps added some defects as an homage to the original set, that’s actually kind of interesting, which is something I rarely say about modern Topps anything.

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